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Kelly Clarkson, Rhett Lawrence & Mercury

Kelly Clarkson

(October 8, 2003) - Less than a year ago Kelly Clarkson was just another cocktail waitress in Burleson, Texas with a dream. That dream became reality when Clarkson was named the very first American Idol last September.

Her fans awaited the release of her debut album, 'Thankful', featuring her new single "Miss Independent," which arrived in stores on April 15, 2003.

"Miss Independent" hit the radio airwaves on April 7. The single is different from Clarkson's previous offerings; it isn't a ballad like her first single "A Moment Like This." According to, Christina Aguilera and her producer Rhett Lawrence originally worked on "Miss Independent" for Aguilera's album 'Stripped', but ran out of time and didn't finish. Lawrence decided to donate the tune to Clarkson, since her voice is somewhat similar to Aguilera's. Before recording it, Clarkson finished co-writing the song with Lawrence to put her own touch on it. (Story from

"Rhett [Lawerence] told me the single 'Miss Independent' was tracked with a Marquette Audio Labs V672 Preamp (Vintage), Mercury EQ-P1 Equalizer and Mercury 66 Limiting Amplifier. It was mixed using the Mercury EQ-P1 Equalizer and Mercury 66 Limiting Amplifier as well. It turned out to be be a great song, a great vocal performance... I am glad Mercury Recording Equipment Co. could be a small part of your project. Kelly's album, 'Thankful', debuted at #1... Congratulations Kelly and Rhett!"

— David Marquette, Mercury Recording Equipment Co.