AudiOktoberfest: - Mercury Recording Equipment, Dangerous Music, Focal Professional & Mike Wells Mastering Host Events at Hyde Street Studios during 125th AES in San Francisco, ‘Not your average AES party III’
Hayward, California, September 3, 2008

Mercury Recording Equipment Co., Dangerous Music, Focal Professional and Mike Wells Mastering will be hosting a special two night “Special Event,” Friday, October 3rd and Saturday October 4th at historic Hyde Street Studios. The events will follow the 125st AES convention from 7:00pm to 10:00pm at Hyde St. Studios, located at 245 Hyde St., in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco.

With a name like AudiOktoberfest you would be correct to think there will be plenty of music and plenty of beer and ale, as well. Wine and snacks will be served all night. But, this will not be your average AES party, but rather it is AudiOktoberfest: Not your average AES party III, the third event held at Hyde Street Studios and hosted by David Marquette (Mercury) and friends when the AES convention is in Northern California’s beautiful city by the bay, San Francisco.

Starting at 7:00pm, on Friday and Saturday, there will be several seminars taking place in the multi-room facility. First, in Hyde Street Studio’s - Studio A, David Marquette and Mercury Recording Equipment Co. (Booth #1425) will host events featuring their full line of Studio Equipment, including the M72s, M76m, EQ-P1, EQ-H1 and the Mercury 66, with a little help from friends who use it. Guests include: Producer/Engineer/Atrist Chris Karn (Deccatree, Tyrone Wells, Jay Buchanan, Rocco DeLuca), featuring tracks from his latest sessions, and a special guest who will record live to give us a chance to A/B Mercury’s Studio Microphone Amplifiers in studio session environment. Engineer Eddie Mapp (BLS, Evanescence, Stone Temple Pilots) will host a bass guitar overdub session using live concert recordings of Evanescence, with special guest with bassist Tim McCord (Evanescence). Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat will also share a track from his upcoming album, with assistance from Engineer Gabriel Sheppard. Other Special Guests to be announced.

Dangerous Music (booth #1436) will host a Mastering Seminar and listening session at Mike Wells Mastering, located across the hall from Studio A. Mastering engineer Mike Wells will showcase Dangerous Music’s line of Professional Mastering Equipment including the Dangerous Master, Dangerous Monitor and Dangerous MQ. Mike will give an overview of the mastering process as well as digging into sum and difference (M/S) processing. You will see the flexibility of Dangerous Music gear and hear the unique power of M/S in the professional mastering environment. The sessions will feature mastering demos & techniques using selected tracks from Deccatree, Hot Hot Heat, Rocco DeLuca and Stone Temple Pilots.

In Studio D, on Hyde Street’s 2nd floor, Focal Professional (booth# 1108) will host a listening session featuring the Focal Twin6Be monitors. Several Representatives from Focal will attend to answer any questions and offer to “Play your Mix.” So, make sure to bring a copy (CD) with you to take a listen to your latest mix on the Focal Twin6Be monitors! Focal will also feature songs from upcoming releases by: Hot Hot Heat, Rocco Deluca, Deccatree, and more!

Hyde Street Studios recently celebrated their 25th Anniversary of operating Studios A & D, in their world class, multi-room, studio facility. Present owner Michael Ward has hosted artists such as Green Day, Tupac Shakur, Chris Isaak, Cake and George Clinton over the past 25 years. But the building’s recording history dates back to the late 1960s. Artists of that era such as: Santana, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane recorded at the Studio, then owned by Wally Heider, a true pioneer of the recording industry.

For more info please contact David Marquette @ 510/581-3817.
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