Small and Close Dealer Network... Yet They are Over 7400 Miles Away?
Hayward, California, June 1, 2009

Mercury would like to welcome Lewis Chiodo and Awave to our close and small, Professional Mercury dealer network. Although we are over 7400 miles away from eachother, we have met and chatted many times about Awave offering Mercury Recording Equipment to their Australian clients. Lewis inquired about coming on board nearly 5 years ago, before we started exporting out of the USA, and the timing was just not right. Now, the timing could not be better and Mercury is happy to announce that Lewis and Awave is ‘the source’ for Mercury Recording Equipment in Australia.

I welcome you and look forward to working with Awave for many years.

David Marquette, Mercury Recording Equipment Co.

For more info please contact David Marquette @ 510/581-3817.
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