Hayward, California, August 9, 2010

Mercury Recording Equipment Co. is proud to announce we have added a new dealer to our growing Mercury sales network.

We would like to welcome Mark Thompson and the crew at Funky Junk Limited, located in London, England, the exclusive Mercury Recording Equipment Dealer in the UK.

I have known Mark for nearly 15 years and he was one of my many sources for vintage modules, parts and studio goodies over the years. Mark recently called up and asked to be the UK dealer for Mercury Recording Equipment, which I quickly agreed to. Funky Junk is a perfect fit with our sales network-we both have a background in classic gear, neither of us have a "box shipper" mentality and our goals are similar: get gear in the hands of our clients so they can make great recordings, period.

I personally welcome Mark and the Funky Junk crew. I am happy we can help all our UK clients with a local, professional source to get Mercury Recording Equipment. Funky Junk will have demo units available as well as have stock units and back up their sales with their solid customer service. As we celebrate Mercury's 10th year of building quality recording equipment it is great to have another dealer added to help spread the 'global warming' of audio paths in the UK.

- David Marquette, Mercury Recording Equipment Co.

For more info please contact David Marquette @ 510/581-3817.
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