Mercury Recording Introduces M76m Microphone Amplifier
September 28, 2004

Mercury Recording Equipment Co. will introduce the new Mercury M76m studio microphone amplifier at the upcoming 117th AES Convention in San Francisco. Designed and built in the tradition of the highly regarded Telefunken Studio-Mikrofonversarker V76m of the late 1950s and early '60s, the dual-channel Mercury M76m features all-tube and all-transformer circuitry and adds several features not found on the original classic.

New features include a high/low impedance select and an output fader, which take the M76m a step beyond the original classic. Front panel features also include stepped input attenuation (Gain) 0 to 60dB, backlit illumination for gain like the original, as well as 0 to 10dB fine gain, phase reverse, a direct input connection and 48V phantom power on/off.

With classic audio processors such as those originally made by Fairchild, Pultec, and Telefunken/Siemens now difficult to find, expensive to buy, and costly to maintain, Mercury Recording Equipment Co. is dedicated to bringing the sonic and aesthetic character of those devices to new generations through an expanding line of hand-crafted classic recreations. Incorporating similar circuitry, tubes, custom transformers, and design ideas to the originals, all Mercury Recording Equipment Co. products are hand-wired using silver solder, are fully transformer balanced, and feature a distinctive vintage look with powder coating or baked enamel finish with engraved lettering.