Vintage King Becomes U.S. Dealer for Mercury
November 28, 2004

VINTAGE KING AUDIO announced as a U.S. dealer for Mercury Recording Equipment Co.

After several weeks of auditioning the MERCURY product line MIKE and ANDREW NEHRA of Vintage King Audio have come on board as a U.S. dealer for Mercury Recording Equipment Co. The Mercury line includes:Two Program Equalizers, The EQ-H and EQ-P, Two Studio Microphone Amplifiers, The M72s and M76m as well as a Limiting Amplifier, the Mercury 66.

VK's Mike and Andrew Nehra were also guests at the MERCURY (AES) "Plug Into Reality Party", Oct 30th 2004 @ Hyde St. Studios in SF. Where we had a chance, along with our other guests, to listen to the Mercury Products against vintage classics. After, an agreement was made to add Vintage King to the Mercury family.

"I am very happy to have Mike and Andrew (Vintage King) as part of the MERCURY family. Especially after meeting them and having a chance to talk in person. It seems their outlook on equipment, recording and music is VERY similar if not the same as mine... and after all isn?t that what this is all about, MUSIC! I look forward to working with them and together we can get MERCURY products into the hands of people who appreciate quality recording equipment"
- David Marquette

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