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For many years we have had access to most 'vintage' equipment in the marketplace. We have worked with many of those vintage modules from Telefunken, Siemens, Neve, Audix, Langevin, Calrec and many others. The PQ15s has always been a favorite and I personally prefer it to the other 'British' Pre/ EQ modules of the similar type. I always thought it was a shame that there was not an affordable way to get the great sound of that Pre/Eq module in the form of just a stand alone Microphone Amplifier (without out the EQ). There have been other options available like vintage line amp modules that can be converted to micpres, which sound good, but do not have the exact sound of the Pre/EQ modules. With the Mercury Grand Pre we have provided what I have wanted to do for years... which is to build a Solid State, Discrete microphone amplifier with the 70's 'British' vibe which has all the rounded punch but more musicality than you are used to hearing.

David Marquette

The Mercury Grand Pre is more open and musical than other similar amplifiers of the same type and/or topology. Just to be perfectly clear... the Mercury Grand Pre is not another "Twelve Seventy Two" clone. Instead, the Grand Pre is the new, Alternative British Classic!

The Mercury Grand Pre is available in both two channel and one channel (GP/1) versions. Features include: Input Gain Control 0-60dB in 12dB steps (-0, -12, -24, -36, -48 and -60dB), that works in combination with the Fine Gain Control (trim) that is +/- 8dB. Phantom (48V), Phase Reverse (Polarity), an Output Control (Fader) and a newly designed FET Direct Input, per channel. The FET Direct Input on the Mercury Grand Pre is very full sounding. There is more mid range and low end presence then most D.I.s as well as an open and airy top end and overall punchiness you would expect from a Class A Discrete Amplifier. The inputs and outputs of the Grand Pre are balanced using the original Sowter transformers. The Mercury Grand Pre's internally mounted power supply uses a toroidal transformer and is regulated for super low noise and stable performance. In addition each amplifier channel is locally regulated to eliminate cross talk between channels.

MERCURY GRAND PRE BACK PANELThe Mercury Grand Pre is 19" rack mountable and housed in a beautiful, gray hammer finish, steel chassis. The aluminum front (control) panel has a custom powder coated finish giving the Mercury Grand Pre the look and feel of the era it comes from with a twist. The Grand Pre has the "look" of a Classic Hot rod with it's black, red and chrome color scheme. The Mercury Grand Pre has "the goods" under the hood and is always ready to race for pink slips. Compare it to other mic pres of the same type and you will understand why it is called the "Grand Pre" and why it holds the checkered flag!

Mercury Grand Pre Dual Channel Solid State Microphone Amplifier

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