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Antoine Fabi (Mercury M72s, EQ-P1)

"I compose and record music for TV shows and for the TV commercials I produce as well. I own and use two Mercury M72s and two Mercury EQ-P1s, and I really love them, they have a special place in my heart. I use them both for tracking as well as mixing. When mixing, I use the EQ-P1s as well as the M72s by using the pad network to set to zero dB of gain and send them line level."

M72s Studio Microphone Amplifiers

"I can get a variety of colors with the M72s. Either by not using a pad on the input, or engaging the pad and dialing up the input gain to overdrive it, this makes me smile every time. The M72s sounds very 'alive' and I hear the beautiful harmonics. It can sound 'aggressive' or 'refined'... but it's my choice, I can control the sound. The M72s works well with all of my mics from Flea 47, U87, TLM49s, Blueberry, Kiwi, Miktek CV4 or Cloud active ribbon JRS-34s."

EQ-P1 Studio Program Equalizer

"With the EQ-P1 you can 'shape' the tone by using magical high frequencies without any harshness. It is also wonderful for adding some weight and getting rid of any 'boominess' at the same time, without sounding 'processed.' The EQ-P1s really shine with ribbon mics to cut some bass and add highs in a very natural way.

Even when the EQ is bypassed, or all the knobs are at zero, just running through the EQ-P1 is rewarding. It has a sound I really dig. Also the IST Switch on the EQ-P1 is so useful and fun for fine tuning the temperament of the tone."

"The Mercury M72s and EQ-P1 can sound solid and arrogant, or delicate and detailed, but they always sound rich and above all... simply beautiful.

Thank You David Marquette for helping us make better music - Cheers Monsieur!"

— Antoine Fabi, Air Libre Communication, Studio Sherbrooke (Quebec), Canada