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Joe Chiccarelli on using the Mercury EQ-P1 (from Electronic Musician Magazine)

"‘Producing and Engineering Love is a Four Letter Word is certainly a career highlight,’ Chiccarelli says. ‘Jason is a true professional. Truly one of the best singers I've ever worked with. His ability to morph into different styles of music but still be true to his own voice is impressive. He never runs out of ideas for harmony vocals, and has a keen sense of how he wants to be perceived as an artist. The sessions with group of L.A.'s best studio musicians were totally fun and inspired. Getting to work with Tony Maserati was a pleasure. His attention to detail and his commitment to the song is outstanding.’

Chiccarelli also reveals some of his technical choices on the album: ‘[Jason] was in a nice, comfortable booth for acoustic guitar and a vocal. He always records his vocal with a Telefunken 251. He has his own and we used that, and/or Sunset Sound's 251. They went through a Wunder Audio PQ1 preamp and then a Mercury EQ-P1 'Pultec', a Retro 176 limiter, and then an API 550A EQ. I would kind of get the bottom end out of the (Mercury EQ-P1) Pultec and the top end out of the API.’"

— Joe Chiccarelli

Love is a Four Letter Word was a Grammy Award nominee for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical.