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Jordan C. Zur (Mercury M72s)

"The Mercury M72s is as simple and as straight forward as they come, with just a gain dial and some pad switches. The M72s doesn't even use a meter, you just use your ears! But don't let that fool you; it sounds amazing. It gives you that warm, full sound with loads of great harmonics. In fact, the harder you drive it, the better the end result.

When I started with Dwight (Yoakam) back in 2009, I inherited the M72s. He owns two for the road, and also uses them when he's in the studio. He sings into a Beyerdynamic M88, so when I hit the Mercury M72s, it really gives me something great to work with. With all the other stuff coming into his mic, I like to think of the M72s as my secret weapon!"