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Matt Knobel (Mercury 66, EQ-P1, M72s)

"I have a Mercury 66 Limiting Amplifier, 2 Mercury EQ-P1 Program Equalizers and a Mercury M72s. Plain and simple all of these units Rock. No ifs, ands, or buts. Only wish I have more of each. Mercury Recording Equipment has done the best job in recreating the classics. Every piece of gear that I own from Mercury is priceless to me. The tones are BIG, warm and silky smooth. Thank you David for taking the time to do it right."

M66 Studio Limiting Amplifier

"The Mercury 66 is my go-to compressor for getting a huge sounding track. I run tracks through the Mercury 66 every day because it can bring tracks back to life back that others have cut and left lifeless. With the Mercury 66 I get all of "the Sound," there's no skimping here, for less than one third the price of an original Fairchild."

EQ-P1 Studio Program Equalizer

"The Mercury EQ-P1 is one of the fattest EQs I've ever used. But, what I like most about the EQ-P1 is the I.S.T. switch. Having the ability to take the Interstage Transformer in and out has given me the power of two different sounding equalizers in one unit. Really smart."

M72 Studio Microphone Amplifiers

"After using vintage V72s for years, plugging into the Mercury M72s brought me right back that same comfort zone. The Mercury M72s makes tracking vocals a dream. I have to say, its my favorite when it comes to tube units... by leaps and bounds."

- MATT KNOBEL (Lenny Kravitz, Mika, Lauren Hill )