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Xue Feng (Mercury M72s, Mercury 66)

"In my music production and arrangement process, I often record a lot of guitar, bass and vocals. I am looking for the best sound during this process, but do not want to do a lot of tedious work. Then I tried the Mercury M72s and Mercury 66, I can definitely say this is my favorite sound. It makes getting a great sound very easy."

M72s Studio Microphone Amplifiers

"The Mercury M72s sounds very warm, full, with no modification to the sound, but the sound is very strong and powerful."

Mercury 66 Studio Limiting Amplifier

"The Mercury 66 in my opinion is very good, it fully restores the analog realism in the digital domain. In my recording process, the M66 helps to join the voices and very subtle changes occur. There are no changes to the dynamics due to saturation but the M66 does make things more powerful sounding, while still sounding very natural and is not exaggerated."

About Xue Feng:

Xue Feng was born on January 4, 1981 in Beijing, China. Xue is a highly demanded young music producer, arranger, and guitarist in China. At the age of 22, Xue joined the band Mr Zhou in 2003. In 2004 Mr Zhou was invited to perform in France, and launched the album "Melody 967 - Dance of the Dream".

Since 2005, Xue Feng has continually worked with many of the well known pop singers as an arranger, and guitarist both in the studio and on tour. He has more than a thousand songs to his credit so far. Artists Xue Feng has worked with include: John Legend, Zhang Ya Dong, Kubert Leung, Chris Babida, Na Ying, li Jian, Karen Mok ,Yang Kun, Zhang Jie, Yu Quan and more. Being recognized as top Chinese guitarist, Xue Feng was continuously invited to join China's most popular music show 'I am a Singer' (The Voice of China). When he joined the 'I am a Singer' (The Voice of China) band lineup, he gained a lot of attention.

Xue Feng also uses his talents as a songwriter, musician and arranger for Chinese film and Television as well as Advertising. You can frequently see and hear his work on Chinese Television and Films, including the 2012 London Olympics 'Beijing Bless You Campaign,' the production of Beijing's bid to host the 2022 winter Olympics song, 2012 Spring Festival gala opening song. His advertising clients include: Audi, Sony, Cadillac, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Infiniti, NIKE and other international brands.