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Bass AM16D Bass GPQ15s Bass M72s Bass M76m


Drums AM16D Drums GPQ15s Drums M72s Drums M76m

Female Vocal

Female Vocal AM16D Female Vocal GPQ15s Female Vocal M72s Female Vocal M76m

Male Vocal

Male Vocal AM16D Male Vocal GPQ15s Male Vocal M72s Male Vocal M76m

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar AM16D Electric Guitar GPQ15s Electric Guitar M72s Electric Guitar M76m

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar AM16D Acoustic Guitar GPQ15s Acoustic Guitar M72s Acoustic Guitar M76m

All tracks in the isolation videos were recorded with one microphone, using Mercury Studio Microphone Amplifiers. Videos feature the Mercury AM16D, Mercury M72s, Mercury M76m and Mercury Grand PreQ15s Studio Microphone Amplifiers on bass, drums, female vocal, male vocal, electric guitar and acoustic guitar.

Our goal was to allow people to demo Mercury Studio Microphone Amplifiers in their studio, with their monitors, in their listening environment. We are confident we manufacture the best Studio Microphone Amplifiers made today, now you can easily hear that for yourself.

We wanted to give you a realistic representation of our Studio Microphone Amplifiers while recording. So the audio was recorded at normal recording levels, and none of the tracks are mastered. For the best results, these videos are meant to be listened to in your studio with studio monitors and or studio headphones, not on your laptop or mobile device.

Microphones used in videos (only one mic was used for each):
Bass: RE20, on grill of the amp
Drums: Coles 4038, placed left of center about 3 feet away from kit
Female Vocal: U47
Male Vocal: U47
Electric Guitar: Shure 546, on grill of the amp
Acoustic Guitar: Schoeps CMC6 with MK 4V capsule

Amps & instruments used in videos:
Bass Guitar: Fender P Bass (1976)
Bass Amp: Veratone
Drums: Custom Eames Kit
Guitar Amp: Dumble Overdrive Special
Guitar: Gibson ES 335 (1995)
Acoustic Guitar: Gibson J45 (Late 60s)

Musicians in videos:
Bass: Liss Leigh
Drums: Jake Nochimow
Female Vocal: Yvette Pylant
Male Vocal: Sólás Burke-Lalgee
Electric Guitar: Tim Marconett
Acoustic Guitar: James Turner

Video filmed and audio recorded at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, CA.

All recordings engineered by Gabriel Shepard, except Drums (engineered by John Schimpf).

25th Street Recording, Marquette Audio Labs and Mercury Recording Equipment use AVID Pro Tools.

AVID Pro Tools

Stay Tuned

New tracks & full sessions coming soon to use with NEW Mercury Studio Soul Summing Devices.

All recordings will use Mercury Recording Equipment, various vintage equipment and microphones, Bock Audio microphones, UA Apollo, and be recorded on AVID Pro Tools.

We also use Focal Studio monitors, Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor headphones, Bogner amplification and cabinets, Kemper Profiler amps, UA Oxbox, Presonus FaderPort, Taylor guitars, Drawmer MC3.1 Monitor Controller, Jim Dunlop picks and strings and more...

Chris Karn, Rocco Deluca

A majority of Rocco Deluca's self titled album 'Rocco Deluca' was recorded at Effie House in Los Angeles by Producer / Engineer Chris Karn. The Mercury M72s, Mercury 66, and especially the Mercury GPQ15s were heavily used throughout the recordings. On the track "Thief and the Moon", all mic amplifiers used were either M72s and / or GrandPreQ15s from Mercury Recording Equipment. The album was produced and mixed by Daniel Lanois.


Gabriel Shepard, MacClain & Cole

Gabriel Shepard recorded "New Year's Day" by MacClain & Cole at 25th Street Recording.

"Jason's Martin Acoustic Guitar: Telefunken ELAM 251 > Mercury GPQ15s around the 12th fret about 8" away pointed slightly to the body; Neumann km84i > Mercury GPQ15s next to the 251 pointed at the 12th fret.    Amy's Vocal & Percussion: Telefunken ELAM 251 > Mercury M72s > Mercury 66 > Mercury EQ-P1.   Drums: Telefunken ELAM 251 > Mercury M76m at about 10'; Neumann km84i > Mercury M72s > Mercury 66 > Mercury EQ-P1 about 6' out in front of the kick.   Bass: Direct into Mercury M76m/1.

In the interest of efficiency, once we finished the basic acoustic guitar and vocal take, I just moved the mics around to record the percussion and drums. We figured we had a ton of tone already from the gear, so we decided to save some cash and mix at Jason's house in Pro Tools. Before we got down and dirty with the mix we recorded the bass direct with the Mercury M76m. Thanks for the great gear!"

—Gabriel Shepard, Webfoot Audio

Photo Gallery: Hybrid Happy Hour and Mercury at NAMM 2015
NAMM 2015
Hybrid Happy Hour & Mercury @ NAMM 2015

Sponsored by Hybrid Studios and Mercury Recording Equipment. Co-Sponsored by Audio-Technica USA, Focal Professional, Patchrat, and The Blackbird Academy. Special Guests included: Grammy Winner Philip Allen, John Schimpf and Recording Artist Michael Patrick Vitale. Its was a great event with gear demos, food truck, 2 bars, raffle, giveaways and more...

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Mercury Studio Channel 76 (MSC-76)

David Marquette gives an overview of the MSC-76.

Mercury M72s User Review

James Lugo spends a day playing with his new M72s.

EQ-P1s in the wild

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters uses Mercury Recording Equipment Company EQ-P1 Program Equalizers in his home studio (@ 3:46) where Butch Vig Recorded the Foo Fighter's Album 'Wasting Light'.

Alan Meyerson on Mercury

Grammy-winning engineer and scoring mixer Alan Meyerson praises Mercury Recording Equipment in the 50th episode of Pensado's Place.

Dave Pensado: "When you think of a need for pristine high end, what's your analog choice?"

Alan Meyerson: "My analog choice... I've been using the Mercury EQ. It's an EQ-P1. It's sort of a Pultec-style EQ that I have three of... everything I do I have to do in threes, LCR [Left-Center-Right]."

Joe Chiccarelli
Not Your Average AES Party IV

Mercury Recording Equipment, Dangerous Music and Mike Wells Mastering at Hyde Street Studios; with special guests Joe Chiccarelli, Fab DuPont, Mike Wells, Chris Karn, Chris Hanlin and Gabriel Shepard.

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Kelly Clarkson, Rhett Lawrence & Mercury

Kelly Clarkson was just another cocktail waitress in Burleson, Texas with a dream. That dream became reality when Clarkson was named the very first American Idol.