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Mercury Recording Equipment, founded by David Marquette, is built and distributed by Marquette Audio Labs and proudly made in the USA. Since 1999, the focus of Mercury has been to continue providing the tone, quality craftsmanship, and musicality of classic, vintage studio equipment—like Telefunken / Siemens, Fairchild, Pultec, Langevin, Calrec and Neve—that has continued to inspire recording engineers for more than half a century. Mercury Recording Equipment does not build 'clones', but rather pays homage to vintage classics with new options and features to those circuits and devices in a more innovative, more flexible, modern build. Mercury's goal is to continue the tradition of providing 'professional' audio products—built to last—and help provide recording engineers with valuable tools to achieve the best recordings possible.

Mercury Recording Equipment products include: The Mercury Classic Line, featuring solid state/discrete and 'All Tube/All Transformer' studio program equalizers, limiters, microphone amplifiers, and recording channels; as well as the new Mercury D Series Line featuring the G810 Rack Systems (for D Series/500 Series Modules), G8 Modules (for G810 Rack Systems) and D Series Modules (for G810 and 500 Racks). Mercury Recording Equipment products are built with a combination of years of experience and new, innovative features, taking the 500 format to new level of quality, reliability and performance.

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Hear the Isolated Tracks

Video filmed and audio recorded at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, CA.

All recordings engineered by Gabriel Shepard, except drums (engineered by John Schimpf).

25th Street Recording, Marquette Audio Labs and Mercury Recording Equipment use AVID Pro Tools.

AVID Pro Tools

For more information about signal chain, studio, instruments and musicians please go to our media page.

AM16D Studio Microphone Amplifier ModuleG8 Sum-It 8:2 Summing Mixer Module

Mercury D Series G810 Rack Systems


A combination of years of experience and new, innovative features.

Mercury D Series G810 Rack Systems have a higher power specification and are the only "500 Racks" with the proprietary Mercury Power Regulation (MPR) Circuit. This circuit provides individual voltage regulation and power isolation per channel for better performance and stability. G810 Rack Systems are built for the studio using premium quality components, external linear power supplies and fully shielded electronics. With heavy duty steel construction, the G810 Rack Systems are built like a tank and are very road worthy too — the new standard for reliability, stability and performance.

"Mercury G810 Rack Systems are a game changer in the '500 Series' Universe"

The New Mercury D Series G810 Rack Systems, like all Mercury products, are proudly made in the USA! Check out the new Mercury D Series G810 Rack Systems.

Mercury Media: Photos, Videos, Sounds...

Video: Dave Grohl


Mercury Custom Shop

Mercury M72s-CSV (Custom Shop Version)

Mercury EQ-P2

Mercury Brüder

In 2010, the Mercury Custom Shop was started as an additional avenue to bring new Mercury Products to the marketplace on a smaller scale and a way to introduce new ideas, these are all 'Limited Editions'. Also, the Mercury Custom Shop is a way to keep some of our original versions available longer, while lowering user cost on some of our standard product line like the M72s-CSV and M76m-CSV.

Other Custom Shop Products include: the EQ-P2 and EQ-H2, dual channel versions of Mercury's popular EQ-H1 and EQ-P1 Studio Program Equalizers. Two different (tube) Mercury Studio channels, the MSC-72 and MSC-76, which each have a mic amplifier and program equalizer in the same package. Then there is the Mercury Brüder (German for Brothers), a 2 channel mic amplifier: one channel of M72s and one channel of M76m; for engineers who can't decide, now you can easily have both in one package.

There are plans for some mastering versions in the near future, as well as a few other 'options' on the menu that you can buy direct only from the website... engraved panels, polished product ID plates, paint, etc...

Mercury's 13 Questions

Mercury's 13 Questions is a chance for us all to learn more about some of the recording industry's best producers, engineers, musicians and creative souls. Answers by: Brian Garcia, Doug McBride, Jon Altschiller, Fab Dupont, Matt Knobel, Joe Chicarelli, Neil Dorfsman, Devin Powers, Jim Zumpano and more.

“Global Warming” Reaches the Far East

Mercury Recording Equipment Co. is proud to announce the addition of OSC Pro Audio in Beijing, China.

Mercury's Global Warming Campaign continues, bringing warm tones and tube warmth now to the Far East. We welcome OSC Pro Audio as part of our Mercury International Sales Team as well as the 1.3 Billion potential Mercury clients in China. OSC Pro Audio have built a successful business in providing premium quality recording equipment and premium quality customer service for their clients.

Mercury Recording Equipment continues to add quality, professional audio equipment dealers to our Mercury Sales Network. Our goal is not to add every dealer out there but instead to grow slowly finding the right ‘Sales Teams’ in each country or area that are experienced and have a similar view for Sales and Customer Service as we do at Mercury Recording Equipment Co.

Although the Polar Ice caps are safe from our version of Global warming, Audio Engineers around the world are going to be able to easily find the warm tone Mercury is famous for, now and in the future.